Hivos International

Building Future Food Leaders: a change makers guide

The food system is transitioning. New initiatives, start-ups and networks of changemakers are emerging at the grassroots level, harbouring ideas and massive potential to break through. Still, we struggle with enormous challenges: depletion of natural resources, hunger and obesity existing concurrently, climate change, soil erosion and so on. The urgency for a different, more sustainable and equitable food system is felt and recognised by more people every day. 

Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN), Hivos and Food Hub came together to create this guide, inspired by the activities co-organised at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2016. With this guide we wish to enable you to accelerate the transition towards a good, clean and fair food system. We think that by offering tools and inspiration, by making valuable connections and by underlining the urgency and opportunities on the horizon, we can grow in solidarity and make a difference.