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A concise guide to the basics

The world is not working well. For more and more people, life is unfair and insecure. In fact, for years now the global future has looked less rather than more politically certain, financially stable and ecologically viable. CDC introduces novel ideas about citizen efforts that can turn this alarming reality around. 

Last October the CDC book was launched and debated (see other articles on this page). Now a concise guide to the basics is out. This concise guide to CDC serves two key communication purposes. One is to cut through the detail to explain major characteristics of civic driven change as conceived by the core group. Second is to place CDC within the evidence, ideas and arguments generated by the critical commentary available so far as responses to a lead article in The Broker. These objectives will involve comparisons between CDC and current mainstream
development thinking.

The next CDC seminar, where the focus will be on CDC in practice, will be held on 22 June at ISS in the Hague.

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