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Photo: Capacitación y Derechos Humanos (CDC)

“¿Cómo te llamas?” is a powerful question, laden with deeper meanings. It is Spanish for “What’s your name?”, which is straightforward enough.

A renewable energy collaboration with EKOenergy

Initiated in 2010, Hivos’ Sumba Iconic Island (SII) project has not only provided access to electricity to the 650,000 inhabitants of Sumba Island in Indonesia, it has also reduced reliance on expensive and environmentally harmful fuels such as diesel and kerosene.

East Africa’s creative industries can massively contribute to their economies and promote freedom of expression if given ‘a little push in the right direction’ according to Hivos East Africa’s new report on the East African creative economy.

Backpack radio

From 23 - 31 May, Age of Wonderland is holding its Incubator Week. In 2015, the programme focused on food; 2016’s theme is Big & Open Data. Can Big & Open Data be a tool for social innovation? And in which way can it tackle the intricate global and local challenges our planet is facing?

On Thursday May 12, government representatives from all over the world are gathering for the Anti-Corruption Summit: London 2016, which aims to agree on a package of practical steps to expose and fight corruption.

Each year, World Press Freedom Day is marked around the world to celebrate the fundamental principles of press freedom, to defend media from attacks on their independence and to pay tribute to journalists who have lost their lives while carrying out their duties.

The Kenya Media Programme (KMP), supported by Hivos East Africa, seeks to strengthen the existing media landscape in Kenya. It provides a framework of various interventions aimed at improving professionalism and effectiveness of the Kenyan media.

Right before dawn on April 26th, Hivos General Director Edwin Huizing put on a pair of colorful glasses and gazed at dozens of people who waited silently in their seats. His intention was to lead them in symbolic time travel to the year 2020. “I have the privilege to take you to the year 2020,” he said with a smile and added, “Who can predict what the world will look like then?