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On April 20, the Uganda Biogas Programme (UBP) received an official registration under Gold Standard. The registration is an important milestone for the programme that, since its founding in 2014, has constructed more than 6,000 household biodigesters in the country.

Call for Concept Notes for the Community Media Fund in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa

The role of media and journalism is not confined to news organisations, broadcasting companies or governments—within Africa, a large and growing community media sector is linked to enterprises, civil society, educational institutions and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that focus on issues of transparency, accountability and governance.

New collaboration between Hivos and GAIN (Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition)

When you ask people what comes to mind when they think of “sustainable food”, they generally say things like health, nutrition or the environment. Sometimes they also mention affordability, safety and diversity. Surprisingly, taste is often missing from this list. In fact, sustainable food is perceived as being ‘flavorless, boring, bland’, or in short, not tasty.

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At the beginning of April, the independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta published a report in which senior government sources confirmed the mass detention of more than a hundred gay men in Chechnya since February because of their sexual orientation. 

Leading South African social enterprise, LifeCo UnLtd, took Hivos Southern Africa staff through the fundamentals of leadership and innovation in order to foster a culture of innovation within the hub. The training came in handy for Hivos Southern Africa, which is currently exploring how to position itself as a social innovator.

One of the biggest components of Hivos East Africa’s successes has been the integration of Research and Development (R&D) to inform the upscaling of proven models. The Renewable Energy programme has been keen to use R&D to inform interventions such as the development of markets for green energy services like biogas.

For the first time ever, a play about energy-related issues was put on in Zimbabwe at Harare’s Theatre in the Park, where some 100 spectators gathered to  watch "Look No Further."

From 3-5 April, Hivos is participating in the Sustainable Energy for All Forum (SEforAll forum) in New York. The Forum is the landmark gathering celebrating the global sustainable energy movement. It brings together over 1,000 high-level representatives from government, business, civil society and helps drive action towards achieving universal access to affordable, clean and reliable energy (Sustainable Development Goal 7).

Springs Sprint Event

From 20 to 25 March 2017, Hivos East and Southern Africa hubs held the first convening of open contracting infomediaries in Nairobi, Kenya. Dubbed the ‘Springs Sprint’, the event brought together local partners from Kenya, Malawi and Tanzania with the goal of promoting transparency in government contracts through using open contracting data standards.

Turning lessons into action: create one day of learning


‘There is none who cannot teach somebody something.’  - Balthasar Gracían