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Hivos becomes main sponsor of Rotterdam International Film Festival

Tiger Awards banners

The IFFR has found a new main sponsor: Hivos. The new partnership between Hivos and the Rotterdam International Film Festival includes continuing support for the Hubert Bals Fund by Hivos and lends the organisation’s name to the Hivos Tiger Awards Competition.

Loe Schout, Head of the Hivos Culture, Media and ICT programmes, explains why: "With this new partnership, we are demonstrating that young filmmakers deserve our continued support, especially in countries where it’s a risk to speak frankly. At the same time we think it’s important that festival-goers see how culture can play a vital role in international cooperation."

And Hivos director Manuela Monteiro adds, "There is enough talent in developing countries, but circumstances prevent them from developing and showing their work freely. They often lack funds and are up against oppression and censorship.”

The Hubert Bals Fund – to which Hivos has contributed for many years – helps innovative and talented young filmmakers from developing countries receive carry out film projects. Every year, twenty to thirty Hubert Bals Fund-supported films premiere at the IFFR, which brings an audience and international attention to these filmmakers and facilitates the sale and distribution of their films in the Netherlands and abroad.

For IFFR director Rutger Wolfson, it is also a question of shared values and goals. "The IFFR sticks its neck out for special filmmakers and we are very happy that Hivos - already a longstanding and very reliable festival partner – has decided to become our new main sponsor. Hivos focuses strongly on the content, just like us", he explains. "Our festival has really played a key role in putting Asian cinema on the map... where many social subjects are highly sensitive.”

Hivos Tiger Awards
An independent international jury selects three equal winners out of fifteen pre-selected first or second feature films. Each of the three filmmakers will receive € 15,000. The presentation of the Hivos Tiger Awards will take place on Friday, February 1, 2013.

The 2013 festival
The 42nd edition of the Rotterdam International Film Festival - one of the biggest cultural events in the Netherlands and one of the largest public film festivals in the world - will take place from 23 January 23 through 3 February, 2013.