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Hunger experts in Dublin at Alliance2015 Roundtable

Plowing a field and sowing seeds in Ethiopia

Over 60 leading experts from around the world gathered in Dublin on 6 March, 2013 to drive European action on the fight against hunger.

The roundtable discussion was hosted by Alliance2015, an association of EU aid agencies, including Concern Worldwide. Hunger advocates from a range of disciplines  participated, including policy makers, academics and leading representatives from countries of the EU, alongside humanitarian workers from Chad, Ethiopia, Laos and Niger.

The aim of the discussion was to help EU leaders build community resilience and improve nutrition for those living in poverty in the developing world. Recommendations will be made as to how to bridge the gaps between political ambition, policy opportunities and practical action.

The event was part of a new Alliance2015 initiative co-funded by the European Union to build more effective cooperation between Alliance2015 members and EU institutions towards and beyond the achievement of MDG1 and MDG2. Read more about the conference and download the presentations​.

Hivos and Alliance2015

In 2000, Hivos was one of the founders of Alliance2015, its principal strategic partnership in Europe. The network has activities in 70 countries and takes its name from the UN Millennium Development Goals, which need to be achieved by 2015.

The other members are Acted (France), Concern (Ireland), Welthungerhilfe (Germany), Ibis (Denmark), Cesvi (Italy) and People In Need (Czech Republic). In 2011, combined expenditures totalled 532 million Euros, compared with an income of 599 million Euros. The Alliance members devote more than 65 percent of their expenditure to the Millennium Development Goals and almost 30 percent to emergency relief.