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African child in a classroom

Hivos has partnered with the US-based Hewlett Foundation to monitor the quality and performance of Kenya’s primary schools and health clinics as part of an Africa-wide SDI initiative. The indicators provide a set of metrics for benchmarking service delivery performance in these sectors to track progress across and within countries over time.

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Call for Participation

How can activists, human rights defenders or journalists cope with governments seeking greater power and control over the Internet through surveillance, website filtering, restrictive legislation and intergovernmental processes that curb online freedoms?

Zoomaal website screen shot

Hivos proudly announces the launch of the crowd funding platform Zoomaal today in Beirut, Lebanon. It is the perfect place for event organisers, creative people, scientists, engineers, web and mobile developers, product designers, photographers, video producers and community activists from the Arab world to fund their projects.

The XYZ show

With a projected monthly audience of 8 million people, The XYZ Show is one of Kenya’s most popular TV programmes. Such strength in numbers displays the impact of the new partnership between Hivos/Kenya Media Programme (KMP) and Buni Media, the producers of the show.

“I’m a professional, religious, a mother, and I live with HIV"

“I’m a professional, religious, a mother, and I live with HIV”, says the ad with the photo of a 42 year-old women. Her name is Iris López, and she is the coordinator of the National Aids Commission in Guatemala (CONASIDA). From her position – over the last couple of years - she has become the voice of the silent minority of people living with HIV.

Freedom online poster

During the 3rd Freedom Online Conference, Joint Action for Free Expression on the Internet, convened in Tunisia on 17-18 June 2013, Hivos in cooperation with DiploFoundation (Diplo) and Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI) organised a high level training on Internet Governance. The session was held on 16 June 2013 as a pre-event to the conference and focused mainly on emerging policy processes related to Internet Governance.

The Prime Minister's Office

Having breakfast with British Prime Minister David Cameron is not something just anyone gets to do. On the eve of the G8 summit in June 2013, Cameron invited six 'champions of transparency' to 10 Downing Street. One of them was Rakesh Rajani, head of Twaweza, an initiative to enhance access to information, citizen agency, and public accountability in East Africa that is implemented under the responsibility of Hivos..

Rainbow flag gay pride

Hivos partner Uhai EASHRI played host to activists from the sex worker and LGBTI movements in the East Africa region during the fourth ‘Changing Faces Changing Spaces’ (CFCS) regional conference. The three-day meeting held in the beautiful Rift Valley area of Kenya brought together over 200 attendees from feminist movements, women’s rights, human rights and health activists, as well as donor partners.

Cinergia flyer

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Hivos partner Cinergia (the Audiovisual Promotion Fund for Central America and Cuba). From June 18 to 21, various events have been organized throughout San José, Costa Rica to celebrate the occasion. The landmark theater ‘Cine Magaly’ is the hub of the cinematic tributes to Cinergia.

Tawanda Kembo, founder of

Tawanda Kembo is a serial online entrepreneur. Ideas roll out of his mind onto the Internet quickly and seemingly effortlessly. His latest project is a website that lets Zimbabweans report when, where and to whom they have paid bribes.