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On May 10, 2013, three transsexuals were beaten by a group of taxi drivers in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Two managed to escape, but ‘Gabriela’ was violently assaulted. Police officers refused to help the victims after the attack. 

The regional office of Hivos in South America condemns this brutal attack that shows the lack of pluralism, diversity,  tolerance and respect towards people and movements that fight for their rights to sexual and gender identity.

Couple kissing

In more than 80 countries around the world, loving someone of the same sex is still considered illegal, at times involving lifetime imprisonment, and in nine countries it is even punishable by death. In many more countries still, social homophobia and transphobia deny millions of people their basic human dignity every day.

Trevor Manuel with Supa Mandiwanzira at one of the AMH Conversations

When he was Finance Minister in South Africa (1996-2009), Trevor Manuel was one of the most respected politicians in Africa and, still is. So when Hivos partnered with Zimbabwe’s Alpha Media Holdings to have him talk to business leaders in their discussion series ‘AMH Conversations’, there was a lot of interest.


Although youth make up a disproportionately high percentage of those infected by HIV/Aids worldwide, their perspectives and experiences regarding sexuality, sexual diversity and HIV/Aids remain largely unknown.

The authorities in Brazil have ruled that marriage licences should not be denied to same-sex couples.

Update : On May 10 2013, thirty years after the original events, former Guatemalan dictator Efraín Ríos Montt was found guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity. But less than two weeks later, the Constitutional Court overturned his conviction citing irregularities.

Teachers and community members in a CFLZ Uganda

Hivos’ Stop Child Labour campaign played host to child activists from 24 countries at the annual Stop Child Labour conference held from 16-19 April 2013 in Kampala, Uganda.

BOBs jury

Tactical Tech Collective and Mideast Youth are both winners in the Best of Blogs Award (BOBS) 2013 -  a prestigious competition started and sponsored by the international broadcaster, Deutsche Welle.

One of the preparatory meetings of the congress, in El Alto (Bolivia)

There are more than 120,000 experiences and organizations from the civil society working in the production and distribution of cultural goods in Latin America. These initiatives annually  mobilize around 200 million people but they don’t have an adequate recognition from their governments and there are not public policies to support them.

Shereen Essof and the cover of her new book

Where can one find the complete story of the Zimbabwe women’s movement? There is no one repository, says Shereen Essof, whose book ‘Shemurenga’, published recently with the assistance of Hivos, attempts to frame that very story over the years 1995-2000.