Hivos International


Women in demonstration

Hivos works with frontrunners of change and social justice to further women’s rights and advocate for new laws protecting women against discrimination and sexual and domestic violence. Today, many of these partners are celebrating International Women’s Day with marches, events, debates and special publications. Here are the activities planned by some of them.

Women standing in solidarity with Syrian detainees and martyrs

On this International Women’s Day, Hivos is proud to announce that it will manage a new initiative for women in the Arab world: Women on the Frontline. The three-year €5.8 million initiative is funded by the Dutch Government and will promote women's participation in the political process in Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain, Yemen and Libya. Hivos will manage the fund together with PwC.

Plowing a field and sowing seeds in Ethiopia

Over 60 leading experts from around the world gathered in Dublin on 6 March, 2013 to drive European action on the fight against hunger.

Speech by Plaza Pública director Martín Rodríguez Pellecer

Plaza Pública, an online non-profit digital newspaper and Hivos partner, celebrated its second anniversary on February 22nd with a round table of prominent journalists entitled ‘La soleada caverna’ ( The Sunny Cavern). The website, supported by the private University Rafael Landívar, has become a news model in the eyes of Guatemalan citizens.

Tweet locations in Nairobi during the presidential debate

Hivos has partnered with the Ushahidi, a Kenya technology developer, and various civil society organisations to come up with the joint initiative to monitor Kenya’s electoral process. Uchaguzi, which means ‘election’ in Swahili, aims to help Kenya have a free, fair, peaceful and credible general election.

'Juan of the Dead' 50 years after the Cuban Revolution a new one is about to start

The Cuban film ‘Juan de los Muertos’, by Alejandro Brugés and supported by CINERGIA - the Hivos-sponsored Central American and Cuba Film Fund – has won the Award for Best Iberoamerican Production 2013 at the 23rd Annual Goya Awards in Madrid.

Last week in Jakarta, the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Hivos signed an agreement to provide 100% renewable energy for the island of Sumba. With this agreement, the ministry is taking responsibility for achieving this objective.


On February 6th, Hivos partner Freedom of Expression Committee (C-Libre) handed Honduran president Porfirio Lobo a proposal for a new telecommunications law that could significantly democratize the country’s media spectrum. This is the first time a proposal for such a law has been put forward in Honduras.

A public theatre showing at The Nest

Kenya’s creative fraternity has a new home to express itself. The Nest  centre, which is situated in the capital, Nairobi, opened its doors to the public in late November 2012.


A new report released today by the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) and Hivos explores the delicate role the internet plays as an enabler to an open and fair society , although it can also be used to inhibit freedoms in more repressive societies.  The authors present perspectives on how the internet can be used to help fight corruption and how the need for privacy online can also make it easier to work around the system.