Hivos International


Advocacy is an integral part of both Hivos’ programming strategies and tactics. Research and Hivos’ experience have demonstrated that advocacy carried out on all levels is more effective. So our advocacy efforts are carried out by our partners both in local communities and (inter)nationally with a variety of interventions to draft a realistic but impact-orientated advocacy agenda.

Our advocacy work aims to mobilise citizens, policymakers and other relevant actors in the Netherlands, the European Union and at the United Nations. We want them to bring their influence bear on important global development issues that concern Hivos partners and their beneficiaries in the South, such as climate change and sustainable energy, human rights and gender issues.

In these efforts, the voices and interests of Hivos partners are leading; they need to be heard and represented in the Netherlands, the EU and the United Nations. The Advocacy team actively seeks opportunities to facilitate this by liaising with strategic partners and addressing cross-border issues on a larger and broader scale, thus reinforcing the impact of the messages.