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SO/GIE/SC training

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Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression and Sex Characteristics

On this page you will find the training on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression and Sex Characteristics (SO/GIE/SC). Developed by Hivos with the support of many others, its purpose is to increase understanding of issues related to SO/GIE/SC. It can also be used to develop countermeasures against exclusion, discrimination and violence towards persons who belong to a sexual, gender and sex minorities. The training will increase your knowledge and capacities and provide concrete tools to ensure that issues important to sexual and gender minorities are adequately considered and their voices are respected and included.


The training consists of a facilitator’s manual and PowerPoint slides for each module that help you facilitate the training. Work sheets and handouts belonging to the exercises are found in a specific annex, as is an overview of the terminologies used.

After a kick-off, this training consists of seven modules that you can cover entirely or in part during a total length of three days. We do feel, however, that for this training to be effective, it is essential for the facilitator to read the introduction thoroughly. This sets the tone for the rest of the training, provides important advice and tools for you as a facilitator, and explains why we chose to include many exercises.

Other than that, we feel any SO/GIE/SC training should include at least the kick-off module, as well as modules 1 and 2. If you leave one of these modules out, you will miss the essence of the training.

In Module 1, trainees learn the terminologies related to SO/GIE/SC. Module 2 makes trainees aware of the way they look at the world, without judging them, and offers tools to challenge these ideas. Other modules look at the legal environment related to SO/GIE/SC (Module 3) and provide insights and exercises for more inclusive advocacy and programming (Modules 5 and 6). Module 4 invites trainees to an expert panel in which LGBTI persons are able to share their stories and insights in a safe environment. If it is impossible to create such a safe environment, we advise using other methods to spark a conversation about lived experiences, for example through film. Module 7, the last, looks closely at the intersection of SO/GIE/SC with the issues young people struggle with in relation to their sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Right Here Right Now

The training was developed within the framework of the program Right Here Right Now. This brings together youth, women’s and LGBTI-organizations to advocate for better, inclusive and youth-focused sexual and reproductive health rights. The training is therefore developed with a keen eye to work with a diverse group of people who either do, or do not, identify as part of a sexual, gender or sex minority.

Questions and feedback

If you have any questions about these materials, or if you want to find a facilitator to provide a training, please contact us at We also highly value your experience with and feedback on this training. Your insights will help us continuously adapt and improve it to become even more effective at amplifying the voices of sexual, gender and sex minorities, and ensuring that they are heard and included.

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