Hivos International

Advocacy Coordinator for Energy Program

Hivos is looking for an Advocacy Coordinator for the Strategic Partnership Energy Program
Vacancy Name: 
Advocacy Coordinator for the Strategic Partnership Energy Program
Number of hours: 
24 hours per week
Latin America
Guatemala's Country Office or Costa Rica's Regional Office

Hivos is an international non-governmental humanist organization. Together with local and global partners, the organization seeks to contribute to a free, fair and sustainable world in which people have equal access to resources and have the power to control their lives and their future. Hivos believes in the creativity and capacity of individuals. Quality, co-operation and innovation form the core concepts in Hivos’ philosophy.

Thematic area Renewable Energy

More than a billion people do not have access to reliable, affordable and clean energy. This affects negatively on their health, education, livelihoods and employment   Hivos focus its work on the transition to a 100% renewable, sustainable and inclusive energy system that drives economic growth, broadens the supply of social services, protects and strengthens the livelihoods of the population and mitigates the effects of climate change.

In this area, Hivos works in three broad areas of change: More access and availability of energy, more income, entrepreneurship and employment and more transparency and accountability. 

The Green and Inclusive Energy partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs focuses on lobby and advocacy that will influence the public and political debate on energy, with the ultimate aim of transitioning towards greener and more inclusive energy systems. Only then, will renewable energy become more available and widespread, so that the energy needs of women and men are met for their daily activities, livelihoods, education and health, creating economic opportunities and growth whilst mitigating climate change.

About this contract

Number of hours:      24 hours per week

Contract length:        One-year with possible extension in staff position

Type of contract:       Professional Services contract

Region:                      Guatemala, Central America 


To push the transition towards green and inclusive energy systems, Hivos, ENERGIA, IIED and national civil society organizations (CSOs), are partnering with the Dutch government in a five-year advocacy and lobby program. The program kicked off in 2016 and aims to influence energy policies and practices by executing effective lobby and advocacy strategies and strengthen capacities of civil society in lobby and advocacy.

Our final aim is that women and men in Central America access, use and demand –in equal conditions- systems of 100% renewable energy that generate more employment, increase their income and effectively reduce climate change.

The program links and influences the energy policies at international, regional and national level. Central America as a region as well as specifically Guatemala is part of this program. The program is led from the global Hivos office and implemented in close collaboration with the regional hubs. The Project manager is responsible for this program and partner relations in this region.


You will coordinate the work with a small team of colleagues working part time on communication, M&E and finance of this project.

Specific responsibilities

  • Act as advocacy focal point for the Strategic Partnership Energy program in Central America with the Hivos Latin American colleagues and the partner organizations for this program.
  • Elaborate an advocacy strategy for the Strategic Partnership Energy Program in Central America. The strategy should include both regional and national interventions, with a special focus in Guatemala.
  • Elaborate a detailed work plan to guarantee the proper implementation of the advocacy strategy.
  • Develop power maps, lobby notes, briefings, advocacy guidelines and other documents required.
  • Contribute to develop communication and media plans for political influences.
  • Design a research agenda which includes proposals for studies, reports and other products required to implement the advocacy strategy.
  • Prepare a transition strategy along with Civil Society partners and Hivos colleagues in Central America to influence the energy agenda in the region that take into account advocacy, bold communications actions and capacity building processes.
  • Participate in selection, oversee and evaluation of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) chosen as partners in Guatemala and Central America.
  • Act as spokesperson of the program when required.
  • Plan, evaluate and report using agreed methodologies.
  • Contribute to the international strategy and advocacy from a Central American position.
  • Participate and represent Hivos’ renewable energy agenda in local and international events on SDG7, SE4All and Climate Change.
  • Develop proposals to replicate and scale up the ambitions of the program and contribute to negotiate resources for these projects with a diverse network of funding agencies.

Knowledge and Experience

  • A master degree in environmental policies, international relations, public policy, political science or other relevant fields. (or Bachelor degree with several years of relevant experience)
  • Minimum 5 years of demonstrated experience in lobby and advocacy work in Central America, it is an advantage if this has been in Guatemala.
  • Demonstrated knowledge on renewable energy and climate change issues in the region.
  • Excellent communication skills including public speaking and writing in Spanish and English
  • Experience in program budgeting and reporting
  • Experience in fund raising and designing new project proposals
  • Experience working with Civil Society Organizations
  • Experience in social innovation, system thinking, (such as U Theory, Labs methodologies), transition processes and daring communications would be a plus
  • Desirable experience in working with government officials.
  • Desirable wide network of contacts within the public and private sector, specially within the energy and climate change sectors.

Other skills and abilities

  • Analytical, decision making and presentation skills
  • Proven negotiation and influencing skills
  • Good ability of working as team member and independently
  • Ability to write clear and concise reports
  • Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing
  • Outstanding proven time management and organizational skills


We prefer that this position is based at the local office of Hivos in Guatemala, or as an alternative at our Regional Office in Costa Rica. The position implies regular travel to other countries in the region. Preference will be given to candidates holding local citizenship or residence status.