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Call for Research Proposals

Hivos, East Africa seeks qualified candidates to submit their proposals for a research on the impact of the Access to Government Opportunities Law on the Youth in Kenya
East Africa
Nairobi, Kenya

About Hivos

Hivos is an international development organization that seeks new solutions to persistent and emerging global issues. With smart projects in the right places, we oppose discrimination, inequality, abuse of power and the unsustainable use of our planet’s resources. Counterbalance alone, however, is not enough. Our primary focus is achieving structural change and impacting lives. We do this through cooperating with innovative businesses, citizens, governments, and development organizations across four continents.

Project context

Pursuant to our mandate, we are currently running a project called Civic Engagement for Open Contracting with the overall objective of improving financial efficiency of public spending – getting better value for money - as well as creating a more equitable and favourable business environment. 

This project seeks to improve public procurement through three core elements:

  • Public disclosure of open data and information about the planning, procurement, and management of public contracts.
  • Participation and use of contracting data by non-state actors at appropriate points in the planning, awarding, and monitoring of contracts. Participation involves appropriate communication, consultation, and collaboration to make sure increased information is used to create changes and also involves input into policy to make sure that contracting follows a set of clean, widely understood rules.
  • Accountability and redress by government agencies or contractors acting on the feedback that they receive from civil society and companies, leading to real fixes on the ground, i.e. better public goods, services, institutions or policies.

The project was launched in recognition that civil society and citizens play a crucial role in a movement towards more government transparency and accountability. In many instances, this process takes shape in collaboration and partnership with ‘champions’ within governments, which creates more trusted, legitimate and efficient institutions. Simultaneously, the project recognizes that a vibrant private sector is essential for economic growth and poverty reduction.

Research objectives

In 2013, His Excellency the President Uhuru Kenyatta issued a Presidential Directive that 30% of government procurement opportunities be set aside to the youth, women and persons with disability without competition from established firms. This is an affirmative action initiative intended to empowering the youth, women and persons with disability-owned enterprises to giving them more opportunities to access business opportunities from the Kenya Government.

In light of this, this research seeks to provide: 

  • Analysis of the application of the Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO) law to youth, women and persons with disabilities in Kenya. 
  • Analysis of the application of gender equity in AGPO awards and; address of any imbalances in the benefits available to male and female youth.
  • Analysis of the impact of AGPO on young women in Kenya (This is as per the definition of “Youth” in the Constitution of Kenya 2010). 
  • Analysis of the impact of AGPO on young men in Kenya.

Specific tasks

The tasks of the research are enumerated as follows: 

  • Analyze information and data on applications received under the AGPO between 2013- 2016 related to women, youth and persons with disabilities.
  • Interview public officials, media, civil society and others involved in procurement, public budgets, youth and other related areas.  
  • Analyze any complaints received by feedback or redress mechanisms relevant to public procurement, ethics, accountability or other related fora. 
  • Identify and analyze relevant laws/policies, institutional frameworks and literature relevant to the research objectives. 

Outputs and timelines

  • The research will run in the period May – June 2017.
  • Research component completed within 21 days. 
  • Within 5 days of completing the research component, a draft analysis report will be submitted.
  • Final report must be received within 5 days of receiving comments on the draft report.
  • Should subsequent revisions to the report be required, they must be completed within 5 days of the report.

Implementation arrangements

The immediate supervisor on this work will be the Hivos Country Engagement Developer (CED) for Kenya and Tanzania.  The supervisor will be kept well informed about the progress of the research, approve research material/tools and general research activities. The supervisor will also be available to provide general assistance which may be needed for the overall preparation of the report.  The Regional Project Manager will provide oversight for the research.

Application requirements and process

You are invited to submit applications with the following information: 

  • CV and cover letter detailing interest in the assignment. 
  • Narrative proposal and work plan for undertaking the assignment which reflects the provided timeline.
  • Financial cost proposal.
  • A sample of previous research done.