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Consultant for substantiation of outcome statements

Hivos wishes to engage a consultant in the field of outcome harvesting to substantiate (validate) finalized outcome statements from it partners under the Women Empowered for Leadership program in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
Vacancy Name: 
Consultant for substantiation of outcome statements
Number of hours: 
20 Days
Southern Africa

Hivos in collaboration with its partners is implementing a five year (2016-2020) Women Empowered for Leadership (WE4L) programme in Malawi. This Programme seeks to promote women’s leadership at the political level, in public administration and within civic organizations[1]. It focuses at the sub-national level where decisions are made and policies are implemented that directly affect people’s day-to-day life. It moreover allows for women’s leadership skills to grow and mature. The main catalysing forces in this Programme are women’s organizations and (aspiring) women leaders. Implemented in 5 countries (2 in the Middle East and 3 in Southern Africa). In Southern Africa the project is focusing on Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The goal of the WE4L is “collaborating for increased and effective participation by women in politics and public administration.”

The activities include capacity development of women who have political ambitions and leadership qualities. Networking, coalition building and cooperation between aspiring women leaders and women’s rights civil society organizations are organised. Also, the empowered women leaders and organisations convince civic organizations, public institutions, community leaders and political parties of the added value of having both women and men in politics and the importance to have women in leadership positions. The programme also includes advocacy to promote gender-sensitive electoral reforms and quota for representation of women. In addition, media campaigns are organised to make the voices of aspiring women leaders heard, to show positive images of women in leadership positions and to encourage people to vote for women. The programme further includes the creation of databases of professional women.

The WE4L programme uses outcome harvesting to document and understand outcomes—achieved or not achieved, planned or unexpected. Outcome harvesting allows Hivos to identify, monitor, and learn from changes in social actors. The harvesting process includes substantiating and analyzing harvested knowledge for various purposes. Against this background, Hivos wishes to engage a professional in the field of outcome harvesting to substantiate (validate) finalised outcome statements from WE4L partners in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


The consultant will specifically be responsible for:

  • Engaging with relevant stakeholders to identify about 20% of the outcomes for substantiation through client feedback and evidence collection.
  • Outcome analysis and mapping: The consultant will engage with the team and relevant stakeholders to identify outcomes that reflect major changes: solutions to overcome critical problems or bottlenecks; major achievements in a change process; direct results to further a development objective; or more permanent/sustainable solutions or deeper institutional changes.
  • Identifying 2-3 outcomes that reflect key setbacks, constraints or turning points and explain why.
  • Visually map the outcomes chronologically.
  • Report on the assignment and discuss the draft report with country counterparts and thereafter making changes and finalizing content.


  • The consultant has a twenty (20) day time frame to deliver the following:
  • Inception report
  • Work plan outlining key activities to substantiate selected outcomes
  • Table of substantiated outcomes, gathered through the opinions of knowledgeable independent third parties.
  • Report that includes: Introduction and background: Introduce the case and summarize the goal, description of process. Outcome stories on each identified major change area. Substantiation of findings: Describe ratings and selected quotes from individual feedback providers, challenges in substantiating the outcomes at partner level etc.


  • Advanced degree in appropriate subject e.g. Development Studies, Gender, Politics, Public Administration
  • The candidate must have experience working in Southern Africa
  • Experience in the use and facilitation of Outcome Harvesting , documentation of most significant change stories, knowledge management
  • Experience in evaluation and strong analytical thinking
  • Demonstrated capacity to support individuals to learn to use a new tool
  • Demonstrated working ability to write synthetically in English.
  • Experience working with multi-sectoral groups
  • Documentation of significant change stories using media and other instruments e.g. video, write ups

Application and Criteria for Selection Of Best Offer:

We invite interested suitable candidates to submit the following application documents:

  • CV showing educational background and experience, and a list of similar assignments of individual/proposed team and their role
  • Short proposal outlining how you meet the criteria and particular value added that you bring in delivering this assignment
  • Technical proposal how you will deliver the assignment
  • Financial proposal with a clear indication of all-inclusive fee


Combined Scoring method will be used in the selection of consultant, where the Technical proposal (qualifications, experience and approach/methodology) will be weighted a max. of 70%, and combined with the price offer which will be weighted a max of 30%.


The interested consultants should submit their applications to and by 30th June 2018.