Designing and Erecting of Four Billboards for the Green Inclusive Energy Project

Region: Hivos Southern Africa
Office: N/A
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Application deadline: June 25, 2020

Project Brief

The Green and Inclusive Energy (GIE) programme is Hivos’ five-year strategic partnership with the Dutch government, ENERGIA and IIED, launched at the beginning of 2016 to help alleviate the energy poverty situation in southern Africa. The programme focuses on lobby and advocacy to influence the debate on energy, with the ultimate aim of making energy systems more green and inclusive (for women, children and the marginalized). The programme seeks to build capacity of the local civil society to execute their lobby and advocacy in the renewable energy sector.

The overall objective of the programme is to help transition of energy systems in Southern Africa from unsustainable and dirty to green and inclusive energy needs for women and men in their daily lives. It envisions a green and inclusive energy system that creates economic opportunities and growth whilst mitigating climate change.

The programme’s objectives are to;

  • contribute in increased investment by Southern Africa national and regional governments in off-grid renewable energy.
  • learn, share and network as well as disseminating information on the GIE programme
  • foster partnerships with the Private sector in Green Energy Programmes
  • To ensure citizen participation.

Background of task

Hivos Southern Africa has been implementing the Green and Inclusive Energy programme with 10 civil society partners (5 in Malawi and 4 in Zimbabwe) since January 2016. As part of the program, the Strategic Partnership – Energy (SPE) Programme which has the overall objective to meet the energy needs of women and men for their daily activities, livelihoods, education and health through green and inclusive energy systems that create economic opportunities and growth while mitigating climate change. The project focuses on two key dimensions:

  1. Donor influencing so that key donors for instance the European Union, the World Bank and others financially support decentralised, renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions that suit all people, including the poor.
  2. Hivos supports and works with NGOs in developing countries to advocate for an increased support for renewable energy access in remote locations. This also includes developing joint strategies to influence governments and donors, identify problems and come up with policies and activities to scale up existing renewable energy successes.
  3. In Southern Africa the project is focusing on Malawi and Zimbabwe. The two countries have faced challenges in providing reliable, affordable and better quality electricity due to various problems which range from obsolete national grid infrastructure, investment in high cost inefficient technologies like coal plants and weak investment framework in the renewable energy sector. For cooking, majority of the population continues to use high level use of solid fuels (e.g.: firewood) in both urban and rural areas in Malawi compared to Zimbabwe. High costs of LPG and lack of its distribution channels has reduced LPG penetration in both the countries. The current cooking methods using solid fuels has significant health risks, specifically for women and children due to the high levels of indoor air pollution.

The objectives of the Billboards are towards;

  1. Increasing the visibility of Hivos and its partners in the GIE Project in Harare, Lilongwe and Blantyre using the total available budget of €20,000 to best effect.
  2. communicating information about Renewable Energy and Clean cooking, and
  3. increasing commitment of different stakeholders especially the Governments of the two countries

 Location – Harare, Zimbabwe and Lilongwe & Blantyre, Malawi

Procedure – Open Tender

Scope of the tender

The Contractor for the provision of the service will be engaged upon agreeing on the specific deliverables of the project which will include:

  • Designing four billboard concepts that will incorporate GIE values according to the background information provided. The concepts must be designed to include the Hivos Logo and GIE Partners’ Logo’s from each respective country. The designs will be collaborative with Hivos and GIE Partners.
  • Photography of actual Green Society material to be pasted on the billboard.
  • Set-up and erection of the billboards according to the approved concept and final design factoring the agreed duration period, size, quality, quantity and location.

The Specifications:

Hivos requires the provision of:

  1. Concept note design to be reviewed and approved.
  2. Quality Green Society images photographed for this purpose.
  3. Set-up and erection of the final design on the billboards.


As introduced in the background, initiating dialogue and conversation around renewable energy adoption in local societies up to policy level is central to the GIE program in order to resist the usage of unsustainable and unclean fuels and methods. The project also values information and knowledge sharing towards inclusivity whilst creating economic opportunities and growth that contributes to positive climate change.

In order to facilitate this, the GIE billboards will catalyze these processes through community engagement for all, ensuring that we are steps further towards increasing regional renewable energy investment, improving local knowledge bodies and encouraging private sector partnerships.

Monitoring and Evaluation

The final erected billboards will be matched against the approved final concept design.

The Scope of the tender is as follows:

Tenders are invited and should be emailed to clearly labelled:

Designing and Erecting of Four Billboards for the Green Inclusive Energy Project 2020

Submissions should meet ALL requirements, a Tender submitted for selected parts of the works only or which is incomplete will not be considered.

Tender Validity and Format

The tender will be valid for 30 working days starting from 15th of May to the 25th of June 2020. Bids must be received at Hivos Offices by the 25th of June 2020 by 1700 hours at which time the tender committee will meet to deliberate on received bids. Tenders can be emailed as specified above.


Document Rationale Type of information
Completed “Tenderer’s Declaration” document The Tenderer signed to show that they have fully understood and accepted the tender document See Annex A
Quotations: (in USD)

The tenderer should clearly state the type and nature of the Four Billboards.



Financial offer, Concept design including photography, set-up and erection of the final billboards.


*Hivos will pay 50% into an Organisational bank account, and the balance will be paid after the erection of the billboards to factor in all actual costs incurred.

All services offered in line with delivery of the order made by Hivos.
Contact details of three valid referees and List of Tenderer’s main customers including any Non-Governmental Organisations and U.N. agencies Hivos can be assured on competency of Tenderer through contacting the Referees.

The Tenderer assures Hivos and on its experience in the sector

Type of contract, period of delivery of the order, company name, contact name, telephone number, e-mail.

As necessary to provide Hivos with proper and complete information

Certificate of Incorporation, VAT Certificate, Current Tax Clearance The Tenderer is legally registered and financially sound with valid tax certificates Certified copies of required company documents and valid tax certificate

Tender Clarifications

Should any Tenderer have questions to ask or have any doubt about the meaning of the Tender Documents, they should refer them in writing (which will be deemed to be by, e-mail on not later than 1st of June 2020. Questions submitted will be issued, together with answers, to all Tenderers. The questions and answers as issued will give no indication of which Tenderer raised the questions. Questions and answers will not form part of the Tender or the Contract. If, arising from a question, it is necessary to vary the individual Tender Documents, then an Addendum will be issued in accordance with the above procedure.

If for any reason during the Tender period it becomes necessary to vary the Tender Documents, an Addendum will be issued to all Tenderers.

Note that:

  • Hivos may request further information from Tenderers after the submission of their proposal. Any additional information must be provided within five working days.
  • Hivos reserves the right to award one or more tenderers for each of the sections
  • The onus is on the contractor to ensure that their offer is complete and meets Hivos’ requirements. Failure to comply may lead to the offer being rejected without any reason being given. Therefore, please ensure that you read this document carefully and answer all questions in full.


  • This is a closed tender, Hivos invites proposals from companies that are legally registered/established in their state of origin and are entitled to perform the obligations of such contracts or engagements.
  • To be eligible for participation in this tender procedure, tenderers must prove to the satisfaction of Hivos that they comply with the necessary legal, technical and financial requirements and have the ability to carry out the contract effectively.
  • Any attempt by the tenderer to obtain confidential information, enter into unlawful agreements with competitors or influence the evaluation committee or Hivos during the process of examining, clarifying, evaluating and comparing tenders will lead to one or more of the following; disqualification in this tender, rejection of its offer(s)/bid, or legal consequences, or debarred from future tenders/procurements where applicable.
  • Tenderers must at all times act loyally and impartially in accordance with the code of conduct of their profession. They must refrain from making public statements about the project or services without Hivos’ prior written approval. They may not commit Hivos in any way without prior written consent.
  • Tenderers and their staff are obliged to maintain professional secrecy; all reports, documents and information provided by Hivos are confidential and should be treated as such.

Evaluation and selection criteria

Hivos, at its sole discretion, will select the winners of this tender. In order to award the tender Hivos shall consider/perform the following evaluation and selection processes;

  • Administrative compliance checks to ensure that all requested information has been submitted;
  • Further evaluation shall be done based on rules of origin, economic and financial capacity, professional capacity, technical capacity, compliance with technical specifications and other ancillary requirements included in the tender documents;
  • Price, the best value for money which is a combination of quality/price;

Language of the procedure

  • All written communications for this tender procedure and contract must be in English.


  • Hivos reserves the right to alter the date of tender evaluation process stated above and the awarding of contract.
  • Hivos reserves the right to alter tender specifications and quantities.
  • Hivos reserves the right to cancel this tender process at any time and not to award any contract.
  • Hivos reserves the right not to enter into or award a contract as a result of this invitation to tender.
  • Hivos shall consider value for money (VFM) and as such does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender.
  • Hivos shall not be liable in respect of any costs incurred by the Tenderer in the preparation of the offer nor any associated work effort, including the production of presentation materials, brochures, product specifications or manuals for evaluation.


Organisation:              Hivos Foundation
Response Address:     20 Philips Avenue, Belgravia, Harare.