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Program Development Manager (PDM), Freedom & Accountability (F&A) Hivos Open Society Programme Cluster

Hivos Southeast Asia seeks qualified Indonesian candidates for the position of:
Vacancy Name: 
Program Development Manager (PDM), Freedom & Accountability (F&A) Hivos Open Society Programme Cluster
Number of hours: 
40 hours per week ( Contract Duration : 1 (one) year)
Southeast Asia
Jakarta, Indonesia

Job Context

A successful PDM will build a diverse portfolio of innovative, high-quality projects with strong stakeholder buy-in; achieve Hub SEA funding targets and contribute towards Hivos’ sustainability; and contribute to the development of Hivos’s reputation as a thought and innovation leader.

More specifically:

  • Lead Hub SEA’s programme and business development agenda.
  • Drawing from an understanding of Hivos’ organisational values, its global Open Society programme strategy (Freedom and Accountability theme), s/he develops new projects and programs that address persistent challenges at regional and national levels. 
  • S/he organises internal/ external processes for idea co-creation. S/he responsible for translating these ideas into viable solutions, and securing funding opportunities for the resulting projects.
  • S/he identifies and builds a network of key stakeholders from government, international organisations, civil society and the private sector, and works with them to co-create solutions.
  • S/he identifies funding opportunities and builds donor relationships.   
  • This position may be required to oversee/ coordinate individual projects under Open cluster (Freedom & Accountability).

Functional context

  • The PDM Sexual Rights & Diversity & Women’s Rights (Ref. the footnotes below), and the PDM F&A together coordinate Hub SEA’s Open Society Programme Cluster. Both PDMs are tasked with ensuring communication and information exchange within the Open Society Programme Cluster, and between Hub SEA’s Green and Open Clusters.
  • The PDM F&A works closely with the finance team on the design of project budgets, and with the Design, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (DMEL) position. 
  • S/he works closely with the leads of other Hivos themes on strategic direction, programme and business development.

Your responsibilities

A.   Programme Development

  • Working with stakeholders and frontrunners develop innovative ideas for new projects and programmes in line with Hivos strategy.

      B.   Fundraising/ Business Development

  • To develop strategic and long term sustainability portfolio for Hub SEA, as well as smart business models for fundraising.
  • To identify and access funding sources for the program and together with Global Office, to develop and implement fundraising strategy to support a successful implementation of the program.
  • To provide input and contribute program highlights for funding proposals, communication materials etc. for stakeholders and audience, both in Hub SEA and in Global Office.
  • To take lead on fundraising initiative in close coordination with programme and finance departments.

C.   Managing portfolio

  • To manage the Hub SEA F&A portfolio through supervision and support of Programme Managers.

       D.   Planning, report-writing

  • To coordinate planning and report writing of the F&A theme in Hub SEA.
  • To ensure knowledge exchange among staff.

E.   Representation

  • To present Hivos’ vision on F&A in an attractive and leading way during conferences and seminars.

F.   Others

  • To provide input to the financial planning, budgeting, performance, capacity development and risks management of projects.
  • To contribute to Hub SEA overall organizational and policy development.

Your profile

Knowledge & Experience

  • An advanced university degree in a relevant field (social science).
  • At least five years of working experience in the field of transparency, accountability and freedom of expression or good governance issues.
  • Strong affinity for Hivos’ mission and for social and environmental concerns.
  • Strong motivation to contribute towards real and lasting change.
  • Able to ‘think outside the box’ and connect to various actors (facilitating of multi-actor initiatives) to develop new solutions.
  • Have a convincing track-record in program development, resource mobilization.
  • Experience with developing smart business models.
  • A leader as well as reliable and supportive team member.
  • Excellent – externally oriented – communication skills, both verbally and in writing in English.

What we offer

An inspiring and dynamic working environment, dedicated colleagues and the possibility to work for an ambitious new international initiative.

PDM Freedom & Accountability (F&A) Hivos Open Society Programme Cluster graded in Grade: 12 (from 1-12 Hivos’s SEA salary grade)

About Hivos

Hivos is an international organisation that seeks new solutions to persistent global issues. With smart projects in the right places, we oppose discrimination, inequality, abuse of power and the unsustainable use of our planet’s resources. Counterbalance alone, however, is not enough. Our primary focus is achieving structural change. This is why we cooperate with innovative businesses, citizens and their organisations. We share a dream with them of sustainable economies and inclusive societies. For more information about Hivos Southeast Asia, visit