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Violation of labour laws by Indonesian recruitment agencies rampant

Each year, thousands of Indonesian women migrate to the Gulf region to work as domestic workers, where they are often subject to harsh working conditions. Recruitment agencies play a pivotal role in helping these (often low skilled) women find a job, but pervasively violate labour laws.

Hivos has developed so called scorecards for 21 individual recruitment agencies that determine to which extent agencies operate according to Indonesian and international human rights law. Scores are based on surveys conducted among migrant domestic workers (891 respondents).

The categories on the horizontal shaft are based on these laws. Click on the categories for further information, including an explanation of what the law prescribes.

Any score above 0 indicates a violation of the law and therewith a violation of the rights of Indonesian migrant domestic workers. As the scorecard shows, the violation of the law by the agencies of Indonesian law is rampant.

Average scores

Scores per agency

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